Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Last Friday 2 ladies brought in 1 year old Yvette and 7 year old Kelly Bright.  The girls are cousins, both are being raised by Aunts as both mothers died from HIV.

Kelly Bright is the size of a 3 year old instead of that of a seven year old.  Despite eating well she has not grown much and her hair was typical of children with malnutrition.  Her brother is already on medication for HIV so it was no surprise that she is also HIV positive.  Her CD4 is 699 which is much higher than what I would have expected.  Because of her growth retardation we will begin HIV medications and pray that she will thrive.

Yvette was as malnourished as any child I have seen in the 19 months that I have been in Cameroon.  She was eating very little accounting for her physical appearance.  Surprisingly her HIV test was negative.  I ordered a repeat test for today but unfortunately Yvette passed away during the night.  A few days of tube feedings was not enough to stop her steady decline.

Pray for Yvette and Kelly Bright, their deceased mothers, and their extended family who have been caring for them.

Kelly Bright

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