Friday, February 24, 2012

For we are God’s helpers

 At completion of the MDA and LMH Formation Program all participants are presented with a ring with the inscription “for we are God’s helpers”.  Terry and I have been proudly wearing our rings for nearly 2 years now.
I previously have written about Julius.  He is 16 years old and has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Julius developed multiple open sores of both legs and spent 3 years at St Martin de Porres Hospital suffering through very painful daily dressing changes.  Over the last year I consulted several Doctors in the USA and was able to diagnose his leg problem as Pyoderma Gangrenosum.  Using donor funds to MDA I was able to get medication from the USA and his leg wounds dramatically improved and he was finally able to be discharged home in November.  At a recent follow up visit I found out that Julius(who is non-mobile from his JRA) spends most of his day sitting on his bed alone while his mother sells vegetables in town.
With the help of Carol Clementi(a Mercy Associate who is here this month helping children in the orphanage and hospital) we set out for Bamenda last Saturday in search of a wheelchair for Julius.  Through a variety of circumstances we ended up at a small used tire shop looking for a spare tire for the hospital pickup.  We were left to wait in the truck while our driver and a mechanic went in search of the elusive tire.  Suddenly a wheelchair was rolled out of the tire shop soon followed by a second wheelchair.  Both chairs were in very good condition and we were able to secure both of them for a very decent price again using donor funds.  After cleaning the chairs up and getting a seat cushion made this week today was chosen as the day to deliver the wheelchair.
With the help of one the hospital nurses and driver we made our way on a steep and winding dirt path in the hospital 4 wheel drive truck.  The road finally ended at a narrow bridge and we pushed the wheelchair up an even steeper hill for another half mile until reaching the compound were Julius is staying now with his uncle.
While doing mission work people say they receive more than they give.  Today was an example of that as we were able to witness the joy Julius exhibited after receiving his wheelchair.  After bringing him outside he was like a little child with a new tricycle wheeling himself back and forth across the packed dirt of the compound area.  He stated that this was the “best day of his life”.  Thank you to all of you that enabled us to be with Julius today.  A small amount of donated money dramatically changed Julius’ life today.

Julius on his bed where he spent most of his day
Julius and Carol in the Sun

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