Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Lillian is one of the people I always enjoy seeing at the hospital because she is always wearing an ear to ear smile.  She worked at Project Hope since 2006 and plays a big role in managing  over 1000 HIV patients.  She is involved in enrolling new HIV patients, counseling HIV patients and their families, administering their medications monthly and monitoring all aspects of their treatment.  She also assists in management of our TB patients.  She enjoys all aspects of her job.
Lillian was born and raised in Bamenda where her parents still reside.  She is a member of the Bafut Tribe and has 5 siblings, all boys, making her the princess of her family.  After finishing our equivalency of high school she completed a 2 year Professional Course in Social Work and earned her Diploma.
Her Hobbies include watching movies and football, listening to music and reading.  She recently joined the hospital choir and is enjoying the camaraderie with other staff members.  She has never traveled Outside of Cameroon.  Some day she would liken to further her studies in the area of Gender Studies.
Lillian was one of three people named “Outstanding Employee of 2011” at the hospital.

Lillian counseling a HIV patient and family 
Emceeing Hospital Feast Day Program

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