Thursday, February 2, 2012

When it Rains it Pours

A full cupboard of HIV medications
When it rains it pours   Monday and Tuesday we had the first rain in 3 months.The dry season will normally extend into March.  This brief respite from the dust seemed to trigger a downpour of HIV patients.  I have had 15 new HIV patients in the last 4 days where I normally see 1-2 per day.  The paradox of this influx is that the hospital has been without HIV medications for 3 weeks.  The government supplies the medications free of charge or least that is the plan.  We experience shortages often but never previously like this.

Much time is spent counseling patients on the need to take their medications every day.  We are all concerned that this inability to get medications will have some serious long term effects with increased resistance to medications and less patient compliance.  Join us here in Cameroon praying that these medications will find their way to the people that need them. 

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