Saturday, February 11, 2012


I wrote about Samuel in November.  He was admitted then with HIV and Toxoplasmosis Encephalitis.  He was extremely confused at that time and after 1 week of treatment he mentally cleared and we got to know Sam as a delightful man always with a smile on his face.  He was able to go home and complete his 6 weeks of Toxoplasmosis treatment.  I had planned to start him on HIV medications last month but due to the absence of government supplied medications that did not happen.  Samuel was readmitted on Monday confused again, along with fever and cough.  His tests showed that he now has Tuberculosis and Cryptococcal Meningitis.  Samuel obviously has tremendous inner strength as after only 2 days of medication he is doing much better and the smile has returned to his face.  If medications become available he will be started on HIV drugs in 2 weeks.  Pray for Samuel and all the other patients in need of medications that the supply lines will open.

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