Friday, February 17, 2012

What goes Around, Comes Around

Dr Jim and Suzanne
Recently a young lady named Suzanne approached me as I was walking between Hospital Wards.  She explained that she had delivered 10 days earlier but still owed approximately $40 for her hospital bill.  She asked if I could intercede on her behalf as her mother was gravely ill at home.  She was not requesting that I pay her bill but only that I would plead her case to the Matron so she could go home and return to pay her bill when she had the money.  Using money from our Donors I paid her bill so she could go home to attend her mother.
This week Suzanne returned to the Hospital with $40 in hand to settle her bill.  I thanked her for her effort to repay the money but refused to take anything from her.  Instead I asked her to help someone else when they were in need.  I hope that $40 will continue to be passed on for some time.  Thank you Donors for all you allow me to do here.

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